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 Irony and Spite is a Rank 10 Kinship on the Landroval server for the Lord of the Rings Online game. Among the amenities we offer in-game are a Kinship Hall, Ventrillo Server, active and a sense of family.

 We have also opened an Irony and Spite Cabal in The Secret World, beginning with the Illuminati Faction.

 Our recruitment focus is on the player rather than the class, prefering players that we enjoy being around and having fun with, over being "the best". Our membership ranges from the solo player that just likes to chat in kinchat while they do their thing to players that have completed the current end-game raids.

 If you're looking for a friendly, supportive, and goal-oriented kinship, willing and able to help you with anything from "how do I play music?" to looting the chests from end-game, Irony and Spite is the kinship for you. So what are you waiting for, come and join the family!

 Want to talk to an officer in-game please feel free to contact, In LotRO - Gedachtnis, Verizamour, Wyndrial, Tarrell, or in TSW - Verizamour or Papa Ged. You can also contact any Irony and Spite member and we'll be happy to talk to you and answer any questions you may have.
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